Robber fly - Nature photographer Thomas Shahan specializes in amazing portraits of tiny insects. It isn't easy. Shahan says that this Robber Fly (Holcocephala fusca), for instance, is "skittish" and doesn't like its picture taken.

Nature by Numbers (Video)

"The Greater Akashic System" – July 15, 2012 (Kryon Channelling by Lee Caroll) (Subjects: Lightworkers, Intent, To meet God, Past lives, Universe/Galaxy, Earth, Pleiadians, Souls Reincarnate, Invention: Measure Quantum state in 3D, Recalibrates, Multi-Dimensional/Divine, Akashic System to change to new system, Before religion changed the system, DNA, Old system react to Karma, New system react to intent now for next life, Animals (around humans) reincarnate again, This Animal want to come back to the same human, Akashic Inheritance, Reincarnate as Family, Other Planets, Global Unity … etc.)

Question: Dear Kryon: I live in Spain. I am sorry if I will ask you a question you might have already answered, but the translations of your books are very slow and I might not have gathered all information you have already given. I am quite concerned about abandoned animals. It seems that many people buy animals for their children and as soon as they grow, they set them out somewhere. Recently I had the occasion to see a small kitten in the middle of the street. I did not immediately react, since I could have stopped and taken it, without getting out of the car. So, I went on and at the first occasion I could turn, I went back to see if I could take the kitten, but it was to late, somebody had already killed it. This happened some month ago, but I still feel very sorry for that kitten. I just would like to know, what kind of entity are these animals and how does this fit in our world. Are these entities which choose this kind of life, like we do choose our kind of Human life? I see so many abandoned animals and every time I see one, my heart aches... I would like to know more about them.

Answer: Dear one, indeed the answer has been given, but let us give it again so you all understand. Animals are here on earth for three (3) reasons.

(1) The balance of biological life. . . the circle of energy that is needed for you to exist in what you call "nature."

(2) To be harvested. Yes, it's true. Many exist for your sustenance, and this is appropriate. It is a harmony between Human and animal, and always has. Remember the buffalo that willingly came into the indigenous tribes to be sacrificed when called? These are stories that you should examine again. The inappropriateness of today's culture is how these precious creatures are treated. Did you know that if there was an honoring ceremony at their death, they would nourish you better? Did you know that there is ceremony that could benefit all of humanity in this way. Perhaps it's time you saw it.

(3) To be loved and to love. For many cultures, animals serve as surrogate children, loved and taken care of. It gives Humans a chance to show compassion when they need it, and to have unconditional love when they need it. This is extremely important to many, and provides balance and centering for many.

Do animals know all this? At a basic level, they do. Not in the way you "know," but in a cellular awareness they understand that they are here in service to planet earth. If you honor them in all three instances, then balance will be the result. Your feelings about their treatment is important. Temper your reactions with the spiritual logic of their appropriateness and their service to humanity. Honor them in all three cases.

Dian Fossey's birthday celebrated with a Google doodle

Dian Fossey's birthday celebrated with a Google doodle
American zoologist played by Sigourney Weaver in the film Gorillas in the Mist would have been 82 on Thursday (16 January 2014)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

NGOs hail president`s call for cooperation in fighting illegal logging

Antara News, Fardah, Saturday, April 10, 2010 14:28 WIB

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Before leaving for an ASEAN Summit in Vietnam, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono made a significant call for partnership with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in environmental preservation.

"The government and non-governmental organizations share the same spirit with regard to environmental conservation efforts," the head of state said before leaving for Hanoi, Vietnam, to attend an Asean summit on Wednesday (April 7).

The President on the occasion thanked Greenpeace Indonesia and also Walhi (Indonesian Environmental Forum) that have so far been critical about and cared for environmental conservation in the country.

Yudhoyono encouraged the central and regional governments to cooperate with the non-governmental organizations to save the forests and the environment.

Earlier, when calling for continued efforts in the fight against illegal logging and deforestation, at a cabinet meeting held in Jakarta, last Monday (April 5), the President, also stressed the importance of cooperation with NGOs in the battle.

"Ask environmental non-governmental organizations to cooperate. NGOs that really care about the environment, have good will to save the country, are our partners. We must not be controlled by the world. Let us conduct the control by ourselves. It is us who should be more concerned about the safety of our country and grandchildren," he said.

Yudhoyono`s statement drew immediate reactions from some NGOs, such as Greenpeace.

"Greenpeace welcomes President SBY`s call for Greenpeace to work together with the government to save the Indonesian environment. The Ministry for the Environment has the mandate and the power to take action against those who destroy forests and peat lands," said Yuyun Indradi, Greenpeace Southeast Asia Forest Political Campaigner, in a press statement on Thursday (April 8).

According to Indradi, the ministry must turn Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono`s words into action by investigating environmental destruction and taking urgent and necessary action.

"We are here to help the ministry take this action by providing evidence of the oil palm and pulp and paper industries destroying forests and peat lands to aid the ministry`s investigations," he said.

A number of environmental NGOs met Thursday (April 8) to compile data on illegal logging activities at the request of President Yudhoyono, who has ordered sterner action against illegal logging crimes.

The NGOs included Greenpeace Indonesia, WWF Indonesia, Forest Watch Indonesia, Sawit (Oil Palm) Watch Indonesia, and Conservation International.

"We asked them to supply data on illegal logging. This will be a good chance for the activists to help the government battle illegal logging," Agus Purnomo, special assistant on climate change to the President, told the Jakarta Post.

Yudhoyono in the cabinet meeting reminded that the fight against illegal logging must not ease. The police, military, law enforcers, governors, district heads and mayors must all immediately go back into the field and seriously continue the fight against illegal logging, he said.

He also emphasized that they should act without compromise or discrimination against the crime.

"I will ask for a report on the progress of the efforts from each province and forest area, on what they have done with regard to reforestation, what compensations are given to people (participating in the effort) and what forest concession holders have done in terms of sustainable forest management. We must not lag behind," he said.

The head of state also warned government officials against protecting illegal loggers.

"There must never be backing, protection on anyone involved. Do not be influenced by information about backing or protection. There is no such thing. No sponsor. No one protects activities that destroy our country," he said.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono suspected that a mafia was involved in the handling of illegal logging cases in several regions so far.

"I believe a mafia is behind the illegal logging activities. I call on the judicial mafia eradication task force to also tackle this problem, reduce or stop these activities," he said.

He said eradicating mafia in the forestry sector was very important for the sake of law enforcement as well as forest and environment conservation in the country.

A number of Greenpeace activists dressing up in costumes resembling endangered species rallied at the Environment Ministry in Jakarta, Thursday (April 8), to demand the enforcement of the laws to protect the environment.

The activists on the occasion delivered dossiers of companies committing environmental destruction in Sumatra, Kalimantan and Papua where action to save the country`s forests was most urgently needed.

Greenpeace considered their visit to the Ministry`s office not just as an expression of concern regarding continuing forest destruction in Indonesia by giant companies, but also as a way of supporting the agency to execute the mandate in the new environmental law. "We take President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY)`s call for partnership very seriously and call on his Ministries to do the same.

In order to truly develop a model of forest protection and welfare for the Indonesian people, President SBY and the Ministry for the Environment must stop the destruction now," Indradi of the Greenpeace Southeast Asia, said.

A recently-passed environmental law on Environmental Protection and Management gives the Ministry of Environment a greater mandate to implement environmental audit, law enforcement, investigation, and administrative prosecution.

According to Bogor-based CIFOR (the Center for International Forestry Research), deforestation in Indonesia, which has around 120 million hectares of forest areas, has hovered around 2-3 million hectares annually for the last seven years.

"The President`s call for cooperation with NGOs is progress. Apparently, the head of state has realized that the government cannot rely on its bureaucracy alone in fighting environmental destruction," AJ Muaya, a senior editor, said.

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