Robber fly - Nature photographer Thomas Shahan specializes in amazing portraits of tiny insects. It isn't easy. Shahan says that this Robber Fly (Holcocephala fusca), for instance, is "skittish" and doesn't like its picture taken.

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"The Greater Akashic System" – July 15, 2012 (Kryon Channelling by Lee Caroll) (Subjects: Lightworkers, Intent, To meet God, Past lives, Universe/Galaxy, Earth, Pleiadians, Souls Reincarnate, Invention: Measure Quantum state in 3D, Recalibrates, Multi-Dimensional/Divine, Akashic System to change to new system, Before religion changed the system, DNA, Old system react to Karma, New system react to intent now for next life, Animals (around humans) reincarnate again, This Animal want to come back to the same human, Akashic Inheritance, Reincarnate as Family, Other Planets, Global Unity … etc.)

Question: Dear Kryon: I live in Spain. I am sorry if I will ask you a question you might have already answered, but the translations of your books are very slow and I might not have gathered all information you have already given. I am quite concerned about abandoned animals. It seems that many people buy animals for their children and as soon as they grow, they set them out somewhere. Recently I had the occasion to see a small kitten in the middle of the street. I did not immediately react, since I could have stopped and taken it, without getting out of the car. So, I went on and at the first occasion I could turn, I went back to see if I could take the kitten, but it was to late, somebody had already killed it. This happened some month ago, but I still feel very sorry for that kitten. I just would like to know, what kind of entity are these animals and how does this fit in our world. Are these entities which choose this kind of life, like we do choose our kind of Human life? I see so many abandoned animals and every time I see one, my heart aches... I would like to know more about them.

Answer: Dear one, indeed the answer has been given, but let us give it again so you all understand. Animals are here on earth for three (3) reasons.

(1) The balance of biological life. . . the circle of energy that is needed for you to exist in what you call "nature."

(2) To be harvested. Yes, it's true. Many exist for your sustenance, and this is appropriate. It is a harmony between Human and animal, and always has. Remember the buffalo that willingly came into the indigenous tribes to be sacrificed when called? These are stories that you should examine again. The inappropriateness of today's culture is how these precious creatures are treated. Did you know that if there was an honoring ceremony at their death, they would nourish you better? Did you know that there is ceremony that could benefit all of humanity in this way. Perhaps it's time you saw it.

(3) To be loved and to love. For many cultures, animals serve as surrogate children, loved and taken care of. It gives Humans a chance to show compassion when they need it, and to have unconditional love when they need it. This is extremely important to many, and provides balance and centering for many.

Do animals know all this? At a basic level, they do. Not in the way you "know," but in a cellular awareness they understand that they are here in service to planet earth. If you honor them in all three instances, then balance will be the result. Your feelings about their treatment is important. Temper your reactions with the spiritual logic of their appropriateness and their service to humanity. Honor them in all three cases.

Dian Fossey's birthday celebrated with a Google doodle

Dian Fossey's birthday celebrated with a Google doodle
American zoologist played by Sigourney Weaver in the film Gorillas in the Mist would have been 82 on Thursday (16 January 2014)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

'Everything we do can harm the environment'

The Jakarta Post

While Indonesia's climate change delegation gather at the UN conference in Bali, many organizations in Jakarta are holding environmental campaigns, including tree seedling give-aways and planting activities. But while the world is watching the creation of a roadmap for a new international agreement on environment protection, many people continue to disregard important climate change management messages. Much of the city's population continue to dispose of their garbage into river systems, or exploit the city's groundwater, or build commercial premises on water catchment areas. So The Jakarta Post hit the streets this week to find out how to involve more people in environmental and climate change management practices.

Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo:

Everyone must realize that everything they do may harm the environment.

The impact of climate change is evident ... in floods.

When (the public) litter and thus clog the rivers, they are being harmful to the environment. In consequence, they will be in danger of floods.

The residents must stop throwing garbage into the rivers.

The Jakarta administration itself has initiated environmentally friendly programs by imposing the emission test for vehicles and using compressed natural gas for busway buses.

Wardah Hafidz, urban poor activist:

Global warming has become a problem (and it's) right under our nose. So, ecological awareness must reach ... the lowest level of the society, the poor.

We currently hold an event that also aims to familiarize (the) urban poor with ... global problems and how to deal with (them) (called) Human Rights Day on Dec. 10.

Lia, 34, an employee of a private company:

I think, most people are not aware of preserving the environment (on) a daily basis, let alone knowing about ... the climate change in Bali.

When my father washes his car, he always lets the water continuously run from the tap.

It's true that we do not have to pay for the water because we use ground water, but still, that is not right.

In addition to that, my father also likes to throw trash anywhere he pleases, especially while driving.

The minute I forbid him, he will try to follow my advice, for once. But then he will repeat his violations in other times.

My older sister, a graduate of Biology from the Bogor Institute of Agriculture (IPB) who is now working as a researcher in a government office, is no different.

One time, when I (prompted a) family discussion on how the industry contributes a great deal of damage to our environment, the two of them simply said, "Well, the industry is important for our country's development."

That's it. They (did not) ... touch ... on the subject I brought up.

Meanwhile, I also regret the waste management at my campus, the Bandung Institute of Technology.

Since two years ago, around its campus, it has provided three sets of garbage bins designated for organic, paper and plastic garbage.

But neither the students nor the garbage pickers throw trash into the right designated bin.

What bothers me most is the fact that when the trash was picked from the three-set-bins, they were just mixed into one dump site.

So, what's the point of distinguishing the bins?

It is also difficult for me to find garbage bins in every corner of this city. The lack of garbage bins at public places, has forced me to turn my pocket and my bag as temporary trash bins.

It's ok if the trash is dry. But it's not ok if the trash is wet.

So, I end up throwing garbage anywhere, with a guilty feeling haunting me.

Elly Kristanti, 66, an employee of a private company:

I have not heard about the conference.

However, I ... heard about the global warming issue (after) I watched The Oprah Winfrey Show some time ago.

And I think global warming has started to happen in Jakarta. Just look at the extreme weather condition nowadays.

When it rains, floods are everywhere, when it's a dry day, it is hot as hell.

All of that happens due to zero awareness to preserve the environment from both the citizens and also the industrial players.

Environment awareness is not something formed in a snap. It needs to be nurtured (from) as early as ... kindergarten level and in the family.

My only hope ... the conference ... can make the entire global citizens simultaneously aware of the seriousness of this global warming condition and act upon a shared-commitment to preserve the environment in every corner of this globe.

Am I hoping too much?

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